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Part-Time Licensed CAM – $25-$30 per hour, 20 Hours/week

Education Requirements: Must possess a valid CAM license.

Skills/Abilities: Ability to work as a team member and have managerial, communication, organizational and interpersonal skills; Ability to work under stressful conditions; Demonstrates proficiency in verbal & written communication skills.

The Licensed CAM is responsible for managing the property, employees, and performing the duties included, but not limited to, the following:

Manager’s Duties and Responsibilities including but not limited to the following:

I. Administrative

a. Provide a permanent point of contact for communication between the Association Board and Apartment Owners. The LCAM will be said point of contact for this communication.

b. Plan, schedule, and coordinate all Association meetings that are required by law, such as annual meetings, elections, budget preparation meetings, budget meetings and budget vote.

c. Administer current sub-contracts in effect at time of new management for contracted services.

d. The LCAM will coordinate with office staff to maintain a current owner database; such information will be made to the Board of Directors on an as needed basis.

e. Attend Board meetings as set forth by the Board of Directors and provide meeting minutes to the Association/Board.

f. Enforce Association Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions as outlined in the Association’s By-Laws and pursuant to State Law.

g. Oversee all accounting transactions such as monthly reoccurring bills, owner ledgers, check runs, monthly owner invoices, and financial reports in coordination with the Accountant.

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