The Affordable Care Act has, essentially, ruined the under 65 health insurance sales arena by raising premiums, cutting commissions, and in some cases, eliminating commissions completely. What are you going to do now? Short Term Medical? Mini Medical? Obamacare?

If you’re sick and tired of selling less than ethical policies to people who qualify for more, call today for a new career selling Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Medicare Supplement insurance is the most comprehensive health insurance available in the United States today. For the first time, you can say the insurance is 100% coverage and actually mean it!

You get paid high commissions direct from insurance companies! WE DO NOT PAY YOU! YOU PAY YOURSELF!!! The insurance companies direct deposit commissions in your bank account daily!

Build your own book of business and have complete control of your financial future. With this business model, no one can take your book of business ever again. If you’re not getting paid directly from the insurance companies, you can be fired at will and your book of business dies with your employment!

These policies pay residual income for 11+ years. How many thousands of policies have you sold to date, and how many are still paying you monthly residual income? Imagine being paid for the rest of your life for the business you’ve submitted throughout your career!

The carriers pay $225-$500 per policy WITHOUT add-ons!!!
How many policies can you write per week?

5 deals per week ($1,000/week +)
7 deals per week ($1,500/week +)
10 deals per week ($2,000/week +)
15 deals per week ($3,000/week +)
Each deal pays an average of $20/month in residual income for 11+ years!
How many policies do you write per year?

260 deals per year (5/WEEK) – $5,200 in COMPOUNDING MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME!
520 deals per year (10/WEEKS) – $10,400 in COMPOUNDING MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME!
780 deals per year (15/WEEK) – $15,600 in COMPOUNDING MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME!


Each insurance carrier we offer has annual, ALL EXPENSE PAID, trips all over the world. Thus far, many agents in our office have qualified to go to Iceland, Berlin, Quebec, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Laguna Beach and Rome. Where would you like to go this year?

Come join the highest producing insurance agency in the country for some of the biggest brand name carriers in the industry. Our agency is listed as the number one producer with EVERY CARRIER we represent because of the comprehensive training and support we provide to our agents. Positions are limited and will be filled quickly.


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