In 1999 Fiesta Auto Insurance started as an independent brokerage offering Insurance and Tax Preparation services to the Latino Community in Southern California. Early on, our founder John Rost realized there was a need for a different type of insurance brokerage. He found that most of the Latino neighborhoods he served had only small mom and pop operations that struggled to offer competitive products because the big brands tended to avoid these neighborhoods. He saw this as an opportunity to bring forth a brokerage that tailored its products and services to this underserved community.
As Fiesta Auto Insurance grew with the systems he had developed. John began to research how to help others duplicate his success. In 2006 he began franchising the Fiesta Auto Insurance Concept. Opening up opportunity for others to share in his success, knowing full well that there are thousands of Latino neighborhoods nationwide with the same needs.
Today Fiesta Auto Insurance has nearly a hundred franchisee business partners representing 100’s of locations open or in development nationwide

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Fiesta Franchise Corporation
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