Soliciting and signing-up new customers.
Business development and promotional activities.
Meeting customers to get an in-depth understanding of their insurance needs.
Liaising and building relationships with key personnel in insurance companies.
A fair bit of admin in preparing and maintaining documentation.
Brokers furnish customers with the proper forms and documents necessary to apply for new insurance policies and, when necessary, make changes or adjustments to existing coverage.
Record keeping and policy maintenance.
Develops base for long-term sources of clients by using referrals, occupational, and special-interest groups to compile lists of prospects.
Approaches potential clients by utilizing mailings and phone solicitation; making presentations to groups at company-sponsored gatherings; speaking publicly to community groups on the subject of financial well-being.
Determines clients’ particular needs and financial situations by scheduling fact-finding appointments; determining the extent of present coverage and investments; ascertaining long-term goals.
Prospecting and generating new business through leads and referrals
Conducting policy reviews & updating policies.
Processing payments.
Providing excellent customer service to our clients.
Filing, composing emails and letters to our clients.
Processing policy endorsements.
Cross-selling existing customers.

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