Part Time – Full Time – $3,500 – $15,000 monthly.
If you need to be told what to wear, what days and what hours to work and when to “Clock In” and “Clock Out” after driving across town in congested traffic only to sit in a cubicle all day – We are NOT for you.
If you are self-disciplined and motivated and can set your own schedule to be available Part Time or Full Time to receive 5 – 15 Live Leads Daily then FEG IS for you. Our prospects provide essential information about their Life Insurance to our outstanding Call Center who transfers the call to you. With FEG there is NO Cold Calling or expectations you must contact family and friends.
FEG offers unique Life Insurance products all with Chronic, Critical and Terminal “Living Benefits” and at NO extra premium. Exclusive Merrill Lynch Index Fund IUL Policy is 2nd to none and generates large premiums averaging $250 – $500 monthly.
Learn 21st Century Digital Life Insurance Sales. Interact with Prospect/Client using Internet (Screen Share, EApp and Docu-Sign). Create compelling Illustrations and Charts that close sales.
No “In-Home” Appointments. No “One-Call Closes” required.
No Territory Restrictions. Sell anywhere in the USA.
Advance Commissions. Immediate Vesting. Earn Equity Share in FEG.
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Contact by Phone or Text: Tom Phelan (305) 898-7170 or email: – Freedom Equity Group (FEG)

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