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If you are confused about what the Life Insurance Industry has to offer you are not alone.

When it comes to understanding what kind of “Leads” to buy so you can set appointments might really confuse you. What’s better, what has the higher percentage of success and the lowest cost: “Exclusive” Leads, “A” Leads, “B” Leads or old and tired “Leads” are tossed about like poker chips.

Then there’s newer forms of reaching prospects to set appointments: “Robo Dial” or “Voice Broadcasting” or even “Digital Sales” where everything is conducted through the Internet using Screen Share, App and Docs-Sign where you never have to visit the prospect’s home..

And while you head is spinning you get hit with more confusing information about Commission Grids, Tables and Charts and “Hierarchies”
all showing how you can start earning the big bucks immediately.

The blunt fact is, there is no easy way or fast path to a high income from selling Life Insurance but there is a path that others have followed that will get you there.

If you want to discuss this path including the “Good, Bad and Ugly” please contact me.

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Tom Phelan