As consumer advocates Public Adjusters work for the best interest of the policyholder to recover everything provided for under the terms and conditions of the policy. There’s a lot of field work that goes into understanding the various forces that act to damage or destroy property like fire, theft, water, wind, flood etc and how the insureds insurance policy is supposed to respond to pay the benefit and make the insured whole for their financial loss. We do a lot of policy reading, visit damaged commercial and residential property, high end cars, motorcycles, cash or inventory theft, we get a backstage pass for disaster events.

We’re an established Ft Lauderdale company looking for people that want to earn their Public Adjusters license. Starting in 2018 the State of Florida shortened the mandatory Apprentice program from 1 year to just 6 mos ! Their will never be a better time to get into Public Adjusting than right now ! Typical 1st year earnings between 65-100k, 2nd year 140-200k+, Storm years can be significantly more. This is a contingency fee based career, we have so many new claims from the hurricane that you’ll be able to work our claims while you learn the business. To earn the most money you will learn to find your own clients using our marketing strategies and materials, we have plenty marketing events we’re willing to advance costs for that we don’t even have enough people to attend ! We have plenty of fliers, banners, tents and even a cotton candy machine to help you get in front of people that will need our help now and in the future.

We like people that have some life experience, prior insurance sales, experience as a handy man, a real estate career or folks that have never had anything to do with insurance. We’re a progressive, socially conscious, veteran owned company. We like folks that have a variety of prior careers, a mixed bag of skills and good tattoos. We dress in cargo shorts, sturdy shoes and company workshirts. You must be physically fit, we climb a lot of roofs, you’ll need to be able to carry a ladder, equipment cases for thermal imagers, 3D /VR Mapping Cameras and Drones (yes you will get to fly the drones !) Sometimes we get called in the middle of the night to deal with disasters, reliable transportation is a must, clean record – licensing requires an FBI level background check, fingerprints, must be bondable. If you’re self motivated and looking to get out of insurance sales, or tired of your dead end job, if you want a real career without needing another degree, where you’re not tied to a desk or a time clock, where you can earn as much as you want then this is the place for you.

3325 So. University Drive Suite 200
Davie Fl 33328
Designated Primary Adjuster: Michael E. Klavan
FL Lic P151443

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Michael Klavan