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A story of two Realtors®

Jim and Jill both attended Real Estate school, passed their exams and began to look in earnest for where to begin their careers in real estate.

Jim chose a big name Brokerage House were brand identity was well established. Jim agreed to concede 40% of his commissions with a promise from his company that if he reached a certain productivity level the share to the company would be reduced to 30% and possibly 20%.

Jill joined a new upcoming Brokerage House. Jill was encouraged to “Brand” herself, not the company she worked for. Modern technology including Facebook would help Jill establish her personal brand.

Jill would receive 92% of her commissions and share 8% with her company.

Five years later Jim and Jill crossed paths at a Real Estate Conference. Both had busy schedules but during a brief chat it became obvious both were on the right track and well on their way to successful careers.

Another five years passed when Jim and Jill again crossed paths at a Real Estate Conference. Both had busy schedules but made time to share a meal together Both were enjoying successful careers, however, Jim seemed pre-occupied with trying to play catch-up, to put away enough money for his future retirement.

Jill was at ease and shared with Jim that her company offered an AAD Program (Agent Asset Development). Jill delighted in telling Jim she averaged thousands each month paid by her employing Broker to her from sales where she had zero involvement.

Jill advised Jim that her extra income each month was vested and she could receive it for life.

Jim and Jill made approximately the same annual income but Jim realized, “He was only as good as his last sale”. Jim envisioned a not so bright future where, if he stopped producing commissions, his income would cease.
Jim began to wonder what kind of life he would be living if he had chosen the same Real Estate Brokerage Company as Jill had, would he too have a “Vested Retirement Income”?

To learn how you can begin at 95% commissions and qualify for our Agent Asset Development Program, please contact me for a one-on-one discussion.

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