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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin, 1809

We are very excited to share some AMAZING news!

As we move forward with our vision to assist you with the growth of our businesses and brand, we found the need to innovate and upgrade our brand name to portray who we have become today. This would be a more recognizable/household name brand that can resonate with Realtors and your customers alike. We are confident that our new brand name will resonate in our industry.

We are ecstatic to tell you that we have successfully trademarked our incredible name and you will be branded as an innovative Realtor with a customer-focused business model. We know this change will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace and provide your customers more information at their fingertips through our technology package.

We will continue to invest and negotiate pricing on innovative platforms like kvCore, Circlepix, Dotloop, and Magnifi etc. We do this to advocate for you and ensure maximum profitability. We are confident that with a more recognizable name brand combined with our staff support growth, your business will continue to soar.

So, you are excited by this point and are wondering…..”What’s the Name?”…. The one question that we would like to ask you is – “What is the most important part of a Real Estate Purchase? That’s right, Location, Location, Location….” With that being said, we are happy to announce LoKation Real Estate.

We understand it may take time for some to adapt to a name change. We are allowing agents 12 months to transition their branding into our new and improved LoKation Real Estate logo and branding information. In order to assist you in this transition, we have worked with our vendors to provide a 50% discount on any item in our online store for the next 3 months. Please utilize this discount by using coupon code LOKATION at check out on the online store. If you have any issues with the coupon code, please contact the office.

We welcome you to join us in celebrating this amazing change for all of us at our brand release event at the Pompano Headquarters on April 5th at 5 pm to raise a glass for even more amazing things to come!

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