Good Day
Thanks for your interest in an Assistant Real Estate/Insurance/Appraisal or Crossover/”Dual Major” Career:
By now we all realize the appraisal career path is not an overnight process.
It also has some roadblocks, and AMCs are not the least of them.
Decades ago, one could hire a trainee, who would ride with you a while, and then begin to do their own inspections & reports. Those days are gone, so let’s work together to help us both.
We also need someone to help us manage the work, schedule it, set it up, and to keep the bills paid –

The right person can Do that and be Paid, While learning to write appraisal reports. And be part of our diversification to Investing in Real Estate, for which there is also compensation and education.
This is a win-win situation, which increases your Steady paycheck as your report writing proficiency increases.
The skills applying are Organization, Time Management, Communication, Word, Excel, Total (appraisal program) Research & WebSearch proficiency, to excel at this work, while at the same time learning Every Necessary Appraisal skill, while earning a steady paycheck not subject to fluctuations in workflow as an appraiser.
DealMaker: Mature Ability to Multi-Task & Think Proactively & Professionally vs
(DealBreaker: Addiction to/Focus on your Cellphone/Clockwatching)
Thanks for your time. I Will contact you by phone/email
After You FIRST Email or Fax Your Resume: or (954)476-5079

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