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Have you ever felt like you could use a paycheck right now? Real Estate has always been a 60-90 day sales cycle from first point of contact to income generation. Some Internet Leads are like little seeds that need to mature over 6 months before they are ready for any chance of a paycheck. If you took a listing today , there is a statistical probability that you would fund your commission in about 5 months. Everyone is telling you to farm, prospect, pay per click or “list to last” and while all those adages are all true, we thought you might like to get paid too. Cooperative Real Estate Team offers a proprietary Instant Income Program™ for residential real estate agents who need to generate revenue right away. We can help you earn income in 2 weeks instead of 2 months, an average Instant Income™ transaction funds in about 3.6 weeks‼ So with a little help and The CORE Technologies amazing platform, we can usually get you up and running in under a month.
The Cooperative movement is sweeping the North American Continent with our Agent for Life Formula™, our own Instant Income™ Program plus “Fortune 500” caliber teaching, training and coaching free from any charge for Our Associates.

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