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compensation: COMMISSION 90/10
employment type: contract
non-profit organization
Want to help end childhood homelessness? What to help Veterans with children find places to live? How can any child have a future living in a car or on the street with their parents? How can we refuse to help Veterans who have served our country to provide homes for their families? As Real Estate professionals, we must help!

Are you a new Real Estate agent who is new to the Real Estate business? Are you experienced in Real Estate Sales, Listings and Rentals? This opportunity is for you! You can help both children and veterans by performing Real Estate transactions and raising money to help these tragedies through your everyday work routine.

Charity World Realty is a Not-For-Profit Brokerage that donates 100% of the Broker Commissions to charities. No more working for Brokers who pocket all of their profits while ignoring the common good of the world.

We help homeless families and Veterans with children to find shelter and homes of their very own. If you are interested in a new career in Real Estate, we offer Real Estate license preparatory training to assist you in getting your license.

Call 561-889-3107 and ask for McQuay John Kiah, licensed Real Estate Broker at Charity World Realty to schedule a time to receive your FREE Real Estate license preparatory training. We look forward to helping to provide you with this rewarding way to provide love in the world and make normal commissions while working within the field of Real Estate. CALL OR EMAIL US NOW!

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