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LoKation Real Estate is offering an unprecedented opportunity to empower 50
motivated and qualified candidates with a new career in Real Estate. LoKation’s
CEO, Nathan Klutznick, announced a personal initiative to provide individuals
who have lost their jobs and experienced hardships due to the Pandemic a new
hope. This assumes you have already completed Gold Coast’s Sales Associate Class (or currently enrolled).

This will include providing an “immersion” experience via access to The Sphere,
LoKation’s robust online portal which all LoKation REALTORS® enjoy offering
access to the on-demand training library, weekly Professional Development
webinars hosted by Subject Matter Experts and introduction to all aspects of a
Real Estate by virtue of education from LoKation’s in-house Family of Services
comprised of Lending, Title & Escrow and Insurance Services.

Additionally, LoKation Managing Broker and Licensed Real Estate Instructor,
Jonathan Lickstein, will host weekly Q&A live sessions on a
dedicated Facebook group just for these 50-aspiring people. Once a candidate
passes, they will then go through an Agent Kickstart program which will entail a
bespoke “Go-To Market” strategy, common compliance & contract questions,
marketing analysis techniques, listing presentation basics, and digital / print

Post-Licensing, there will be ongoing benefits afforded by waiving LoKation
fees for a period to allow them to ramp-up their newfound business. In
summation, Mr. Lickstein remarked “The real estate industry as we once knew
it has been upended yet LoKation has seen unprecedented growth in the last
two months. We are Uber, not taxis. Netflix, not Blockbuster. This tech-forward
approach, combined with our myriad resources and guidance are the catalyst
for a new way of conducting Real Estate for agents, giving them a much higher chance of success.
I relish the opportunity to shepherd these 50 people to a new, prosperous career.“.

“Nathan is offering an entree to all facets of the industry required for a
successful career in Real Estate. Leveraging the power of our next-gen
technology, tools, and support puts new agents on a strong trajectory for
success out-of-the-gate,” commented Jeremy Beard, Dir. of Business

Potential participants can email to apply for consideration.

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