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Opportunity – Newly Licensed and Veteran Realtors®

108% Potential Commissions (we will explain how this is accomplished)

95% Starting Commissions Day 1

Vested Retirement Income in Seven Years

There are three key factors that will make or break any Realtor®. Leads, Listings and Sales.

You can do without Listings but you need Sales to survive.

You can do without Sales but then you’ll need Listings to survive.

But you cannot survive without Leads. If you have no one to talk to you will have neither Listings nor Sales, ergo no commissions.

There are a million “Lead” companies waiting to steer your hard earned dollars into their pockets by promising your boatloads of Leads. Rarely can they deliver, and most know it from the beginning.

Leads must be skillfully generated. If you run out you don’t order another 500 like business cards.

Real Estate Marketing is well established in the world of technology, this includes generating Leads by effectively using: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. We will show you how to use the newest technology to garner Listings and Buyers and keep them as clients.

We provide iPad for Listing Presentations. Yes, you leave the iPad with the prospect.

We have In-House Mortgage that will “Underwrite” and approve a client before looking at new homes.

We have In-House Title and Legal for those pesky questions that may arise.

We have an In-House Expert for 1031 Exchanging or “How To Use An IRA To Buy Real Estate”.

To schedule a one-on-one discussion please contact me. I will will be at the July 27th Gold Coast Career Event in Doral.


Yvonne Phelan – (305) 903-2049 Text or Call

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