As a newly licensed individual, you will be part of a mentoring program. During the program, you will be given action steps that will help you build your business and learn the real estate industry. Being a Realtor is more than just opening doors and writing contracts. You passed your exam but now what? If you want to meet with a company that will assist you in identifying the type of agency that best suits your needs as a newly licensed professional, call us. If you are not a fit for our company, we will tell you that. We cater to part time professionals as we understand it takes time to build this business and you have to pay bills while you establish your network. We offer one on one training as well as group training and will offer evening and weekend options for the training on an as needed basis. If you don’t have the funds for RAPB fees at the present time, we have options for that situation as well. So if you desire a boutique and virtual based type office that promotes paperless management and a referral based business, then email Carole Kay, Broker at for a private interview.

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