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EXIT Realty Manes Group is hiring New and Experienced Licensed Agents

Manes Group Offers:
1. Superior Comprehensive Training
Manes Group provides world class CRM and Lead generation systems given to each of the agents. At Manes each agent is able to learn these tools at their own pace through the use of online tutorials, classes and webinars. There is also dedicated weekly one on one training. More experience agents might appreciate the one on one time set up with management to discuss current deals, pipeline, advertising campaigns, etc.

2. Managerial Support
Manes Group core strength starts with its dedication to each and every agent. We offer exceptional support which secures immediate and direct guidance on all projects. Manes Group believes teamwork, collaboration and communication is key for success and growth.
3. Technology
Our office is equipped with the latest lead and document signing technology. We understand the future of Real Estate is largely in tech, and maintain our status by continuing to incorporate and adapt to have the best technology on the market.
4. Lead Generation, Marketing & Advertising
The systems and tools we use will help you in cultivating a pipeline of potential clients as well as assist in marketing & advertising your business through all distribution channels of social media and print. We help to maximize time management and efficiency with campaigns and lead flow.

5. Leadership
We believe all clients are unique and agents should be able to assist accordingly. Therefore, we encourage our agents to follow their passion and assist their clients in any area of real estate they need. We provide all major real estate services: Rental, Sales, Commercial, Investment and Management.

Who We Want:
We are looking for diligent, driven and self-motivated real estate professionals. Manes Group, with an emphasis on training and support, is a great fit for the ambitious entrepreneur seeking to unlock the value and profit of South Florida Real Estate. You must have an active Florida Real Estate License to apply.

Applying: We would love to answer any questions about a career in Real Estate.
• Leads Provided
• Ability to work remotely
• Mentoring & Coaching
• State-of-the-Art Technology, CRM, Forms & Document Signing System for each agent
• Assistance with Marketing Initiatives and Lead Generation
• Office space to collaborate and work
• Opportunities for Growth
• Potential to make a six-figure, commission-based income

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