Buyer Destination Realty, Inc is a new breed of real estate agent. We believe the traditional 6% system is antiquated and no longer serves the best interest of the modern buyer or seller.The majority of agents in the industry are “philosophically opposed” to flexible compensation for their services. It’s not surprising…most are determined to preserve the “sacred 6%” to keep more money in their pocket. It’s clearly an “agent centric” industry, which is why real estate agents routinely top the list of the least respected professions in the country each year.Our mission is to offer a “seller centric” listing model, so you can offer the right level of service and pay what the seller thinks is fair, without being handcuffed to the traditional 6%.Let us be clear…our only objective is to get the seller the most money for the sale of their home as quickly as possible (as the days on market go up, the dollars in your pocket go down). By offering logical, transparent choices on the services the seller can receive, we strive to provide maximum value at minimal cost, while still providing the knowledge, guidance, expertise, and negotiation skills you would expect of any top level real estate agent. Maximum price on your listing at minimal cost to you…that’s just what we do!Give me a call today to have a logical, straightforward conversation without all the high pressure haggling and “client conversion” tactics you’ll hear from other brokers.

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Buyer Destination Realty, Inc.
Anthony Rolleri