Finding a Florida Real Estate Job

Obtaining a Florida real estate sales associate license is often the entry point into a career in Florida real estate.  Once the individual has taken and passed the 63 hour real estate sales associate course, whether online or classroom based,

Work From Home as a Florida Real Estate Agent

A career in Florida real estate takes a strong desire to succeed, perseverance, and a strong work ethic.  Real estate is a career that offers flexibility and unlimited earning potential.  That said, a real estate career also requires discipline and

How to Make Money in Florida Real Estate

Real estate is a very simple business.  In order to make money in Florida real estate, a licensee needs to do three things: The licensee needs to find someone who wants to buy, sell, or lease a property The licensee

How to Start a Florida Real Estate Career

Starting a career in Florida real estate is a fairly simple process.  A career in real estate is not easy, but most things worthwhile in life come with some amount of work.  Additionally, the income and career opportunities are significant