It is easy to tell someone to be confident and hope that they will take your advice, but confidence doesn’t work that way.  At Gold Coast Schools we have learned that being confident relies on having a true understanding of your comfort zones and when necessary, having the courage to step outside of those self imposed barriers in order to grow.

Gaining confidence is a lot like learning how to walk.  While you were too young to remember the trials and tribulations that you went though during this process, it’s safe to say that you didn’t go from crawling to walking upright without a bit of a struggle.  However, through perseverance and incremental progress, you managed to prevail and walk with full confidence.

When we become adults the process of gaining confidence doesn’t change.  However, as we place more pressure on ourselves and start to fear the unknown outcomes, it becomes difficult to convince ourselves to try new things that will ultimately lead to a greater level of confidence.

Here are a few tips to help you feel more confident:

  1. Identify your weaknesses
  2. Set a goal for improvement
  3. Establish a plan
  4. Implement the plan
  5. Analyze results

Whether you feel like you will be more confident through losing weight or by starting a new career, the process is the same.  Start with taking a moment to recognize what is holding you back.  Then set a goal that is realistic, measurable, and achievable, and develop a strategic action plan for accomplishing that goal.  Once you have done that, it’s time to put that plan into action regardless of if it makes you feel uneasy.  As you move towards achieving your ultimate goal, always take a moment to look at and celebrate your progress.

With the right approach you will be able to increase your confidence and grow both personally and professionally.  It all starts with your commitment to change.