Reminder:  The department will no longer mail new licenses.  Instead, the department has implemented a new process that will allow licensees to print their licenses by logging into their secure on-line account.  This will cut 7-10 business days off the process.  This same process will allow licensees to renew on-line as well.

Tuesday July 10th, 2018
Exams & CE Committee
Did not attend

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Did Not Attend.

  • Additional Entity Committee Division II
  • Application Review Committee Division II

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Probation Committee Division II
Did not attend.
Final Action Committee Division II
Did not attend.
Final Action Committee Division I & II
Did not Attend
Final Action Committee Division I
Did not attend.
Probation Committee Division I
Did not attend.

Additional Entity Committee Division I
Nothing unusual to report 

Application Review Committee Division I
Nothing unusual to report.

Friday, July 15, 2018

Rules/Public/Legislative Committee

CILB Council gave a rules update. 

61G4-15.0021, Business Organizations.  a proposed to change the terms of when a license who wishes to qualify a 2nd or 3rd entity would have to appear before the board. The proposal would strike the 50% rule for ownership (present and proposed business organizations), add that applicants with 20% or greater ownership of the proposed business organization will not have to appear before the board if the applicant otherwise qualifies for approval.  In addition, the board would delegate authority to the Executive Director and/or Board Chair to waive mandatory appearance requirements where applicants are in compliance with Rule 61G4-15.0024, F.A.C.  Lastly, the proposed change would require any applicant seeking to qualify three (3) or more business organizations, regardless of percent of ownership, to appear before the board.  The proposed language amendment is in the regulatory process. 

61G4-15.032 Cleaning up the language in this rule which still needed an affidavit of experience. The requirement of affidavit was removed.  Became effective 06/28/18. 

61G4-15.004 Licensure by Endorsement The regulatory process going on.

After the Rules Report Mr. Kane brought up the issue of the licenses’ having to be present even after successful submission of all the documents.

There was an extensive discussion upon the personal appearance under rule number 61G4-17.007. Following was the conclusion after extensive discussion. All the board members were unanimous about the issue of those who have been doing successful submissions have to come in front of the board just to show the face. The main concern of the board members was that they did not want it to make a general rule that everyone starts asking for permission for not to be present.

  1. The board was unanimous that it harsh on the people who have done successful appearances and are still asked to continue to do that.
    1. They discussed terminating the appearance based upon request
      1. What if everyone asks for that.
    2. The board members discussed of instructing the staff after all the candidates have been reviewed.
      1. Clark objected to this and said that under Sunshine law everything is open to public and if you do anything after the review can create issues.
    3. The board was concerned that if they allowed one person all others would also start demanding.
    4. Clark specifically read the rule and said that according to the rule the physical presence is only need based.
    5. It was concluded that the board and staff shall work together and see if they can modify the letter that is sent out, to state that their physical presence may not be required for the next appearance.

General Session

This was the last meeting for the Legal Counsel to the board Ms. Rachel Clark.  Everyone appreciated her role, guidance and training. Mr. Biggins presented her with a small token gift on behalf of board and staff.

Executive Directors Report:
Usual Requested everyone to complete and fill the ethics form.

Chairman’s Report:
Nothing Unusual

Prosecuting Attorney’s Report:
Introduced new assistant.

Committee Reports
Exams/CE/Awareness:/  27 Courses, 16 approved, rest approved with contingencies.

Rules/Public Legislative Committee:/  Probation

This was discussed again. Mr. Kane made point that all of those having probation are not bad guys and that they don’t have the same sophisticated tools that many of us have. He requested all the members that probation is to provide guidance and oversight. He hoped that the board does that.

New Business:

  1. This was an interesting discussion. This was in reference to the Specialty Licenses being issued to people who were wanting a license to build towers, or install baggage carrying machines inside an airport etc. Mr. Kane invited Bruce Kershner to explain the issue with 61G4-15.039 – The specialty contractors

Bruce presented this and explained that this was specifically created for Energy/Gas and Chemical industries. It was not set for Tower or other industries including airport. He said that unless we either append this or right a new rule, else people who are not specialized in energy is getting this license and some might not be able to do the work that they are trying to get the license for.  Bruce offered that he will come up with a new wording for the boards review.  The board decided to open the rule 61G4 14.039 for review.

  1. Another interesting discussion was about people coming up to get their license and not having the adequate experience. Board members asked about the passing rate which was revealed by the staff as 60%.
    1. Boyette suggested that why not like other boards, that this board also adopt a rule of approving the application before someone goes out and spend couple of thousand dollars and not get his license due to the experience.
    2. Staff and some board members said that it would be like going back and will create lot of paper work for the staff that is not called for.
    3. Rhonda Koning informed the board that most of the schools, before selling the reference books or the course to the students do inform them about the licensure requirements. She said that all the schools hire enough staff who explain all the requirements.
    4. There was a brief discussion of introducing a prelicensure mandatory class, just like most of the other licenses.
    5. There was a brief discussion if the exam score be valid for more than 4 years.
    6. Kane opposed any changes and said that the said system was okay for now.
  2. Next discussion was for creating a licensure category for Residential Roofing Contractors license. This issue came up as there was one candidate whose license was denied due to lack of experience. He argued that he contacted the state to fill out the forms and spent money to buy the books and pass the test.
    1. The board members brought up the issue that most of the licensed roofing contractors end up hiring subcontractors who are not licensed but are pretty good at what they do.
      1. They discussed of sending a blast email to all roofing contractors that they cannot hire subcontractors under 1099 to do the roofing work.
    2. The issue was that many candidates who came to get their license passed the test, however they lacked the commercial experience.
    3. Everyone agreed that there is a need to create a Residential Roofing Category that will allow more roofing contractors who do shingle roofing. There are about six thousand roofing contractors and we need more.
    4. The board agreed that they will continue this discussion and come up with a category that will allow just roofing contractors.

Overall it was a good meeting and good discussion.