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A licensed mortgage loan originator (MLO), previously known as a mortgage broker, originates FHA, conforming, hard money, as well as other popular loan products.  A common example of MLO services include working with family help them obtain the loan that they need to buy a home.  Because acquiring the mortgage needed to purchase a home can be cumbersome and intimidating, the MLO is there to make loan acquisition process smoother by working with the borrower on preparing the proper paperwork and financing, as well as to answer any questions along the way.  The increased demand for mortgages creates ample career opportunities for licensed loan originators.

Gold Coast Schools is focused on providing Florida’s leading Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) program to help students obtain and renew the required mortgage license.  Gold Coast offers classes in both weekday and weekend formats for convenient scheduling.  View a course schedule to see a list of upcoming courses in your area.

How to get your Mortgage Loan Originator license:

  1. Successfully complete the required 20-hour SAFE pre-license course.
  2. Obtain your unique ID number from the NMLS.
  3. Submit an application through the NMLS website.
  4. Pass the NMLS national MLO exam and Florida state law exam

Gold Coast’s knowledgeable staff and instructors are dedicated to helping with each of these steps.  Simply call a helpful Career Counselor at 1-800-732-9140 or visit online to learn more about starting a successful career as a Mortgage Loan Originator.