Attention: This 3-hour Business Ethics course is already included in the 14-hour complete continuing education course found here.  This is for students who only need to complete the 3-hour Ethics requirement to renew their license.

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Florida Real Estate 3-hour Business Ethics Continuing Education

In the State of Florida, real estate sales associates and brokers must complete 3 hours of Business Ethics as part of the 14-hour continuing education requirement that must be fulfilled every two years.  This 3-hour course is included in the entire 14-hour CE course that we offer, but can be purchased separately for students who have acquired 11 hours of continuing education from other approved courses.

Upon completing the 3-hour Business Ethics course, you will receive a pass slip and certificate of completion to print for your records.  Our staff handles all of the necessary reporting of your education to the state at no additional charge.  Gold Coast Schools has been helping students renew their real estate licenses since 1970 and we look forward to doing the same for you.

Below you will find options for grading the 3-hour Business Ethics course if you completed the paper exam in the back the Gold Coast textbook that you received in the mail, as well as our online course option that enables you to quickly complete your 3-hour Business Ethics requirement.


Submit Your Answers “Online Grading”

If you have completed the 10-question Business Ethics paper exam in the back of the Gold Coast continuing education textbook, you can submit your answers using our online grading option.   The online grading option makes it quick and easy to submit your answers, get your results, and have your completion record submitted to the DBRP for credit.  Upon completion, you will receive a pass slip and certificate of completion to print and keep for your records.  Gold Coast staff will handle submitting the hours to the state on your behalf.  We truly strive to make it easy for you.


Online 3-hour Business Ethics Course

Complete the 3-hour Business Ethics requirement with Gold Coast’s easy to use online course.  This course is state approved and provides you with instant access to the course material upon registration.  Simply use the material within the course to answer the 10 question exam and after passing, you will receive a pass slip along with a certificate of completion to print for your records.  Gold Coast staff will handle the reporting of your hours to the DBPR.


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