Alessandro Danieli

Allesandro started teaching at Gold Coast in 2016 and has been a Real estate professional since 1994.  He has sold and invested in properties on 2 continents and in 3 different countries. He previously worked in the largest Real Estate Company in Italy, TECNO CASA, and then expanded the business to other countries.

Alessandro’s passion for the business brought him around the world becoming a top agent of a successful firm in Manhattan.  He then opened an investment company in South West Florida as well as in Costa Rica. His love for the business and desire to help others brought him to give back by teaching everything he learned as an investor and coach, driving him to travel all over United States and Costa Rica pursuing his passion for teaching. Now he found his home in the hottest real estate market in America where he continues to work as a foreign investor.  He is currently a successful Real Estate agent for the largest vacation ownership company, and a licensed Instructor for Gold Coast Schools.  His love of learning and his passion for new challenges tells us that he is far from being done yet….