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Barbara M.

Barbara Minyard is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a minor in Real Estate. Ms. Minyard holds a Florida Residential Real Estate Appraisal Instructor’s License, Florida Residential Real Estate Appraisal Certification, is an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor, has a Florida Real Estate Broker’s license, and is a Certified Distance Education Instructor.  Ms. Minyard started her career in the real estate appraisal field in 1984 working for American Savings & Loan’s Appraisal Department, which was later purchased and became AppraisalFirst Inc.  In addition to working for a Senior Residential Appraiser (SRA) appraiser for a few years, she owned a residential appraisal firm specializing in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  Ms. Minyard held the position of National Review Appraiser with Delta Funding, and was subsequently hired by the State of Florida Division of Real Estate as an Investigative Specialist II.

In 2014 Ms. Minyard joined Gold Coast Schools as their Appraisal Program Director.  She is passionate about developing and teaching courses that not only meet state approval requirements, but also contain practical and useful information that is applicable in the real world.  By pairing quality content with an engaging teaching style, students truly benefit from the Appraisal courses that Gold Coast offers as a result of Ms. Minyard’s efforts.  Where quality education comes first and foremost, Gold Coast is grateful to have Ms. Minyard maintaining the standards that the school has been known for since opening in 1970.