Jeff Shanley

Jeff Shanley, a South Florida native, began his career at Miami-Dade College following the curriculum toward becoming a mechanical contractor in 1980. Jeff’s primary background as a Mechanical Contractor has been in Design/Build of commercial projects throughout Florida, then specializing in international work where his specialty in design-build brought him to the General Service Administration (GSA) assigned to the U.S. State Department. During his time with the GSA, Jeff specialized in hospitals, U.S. Embassies, U.S. Interest Sections, and power plants. He was instrumental in identifying and overcoming the challenges of design and installation of mechanical systems in these entities within the unique environments of Cuba, Western Europe, and South America. After nearly two decades, Jeff retired in 2018 from his work with the GSA, and from active contracting endeavors in 2019. During his tenure as a mechanical contractor, Jeff has served as a mentor to dozens of up-and-comers in the industry as they worked their way through Trade and Union School and into their careers. Jeff remains dedicated to enhancing the profession of mechanical contracting and presently serves as an Inspector for the International Building Code Inspector for the GSA and has been an instructor at Gold Coast Schools since 2019. Jeff is happy to answer any questions or provide guidance regarding obtaining one’s license in mechanical contracting, air conditioning, or plumbing. Please contact Jeff at