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Paolo is a Multi-Licensed professional with vast experience in the fields of Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgages, Inspections and General Contracting. He has been in the Real Estate field since 1985 working alongside his father, a successful Real Estate Investor and Developer, from whom he acquired great insight, vast knowledge and excellent skills.

Since his early years at Saint Thomas University, while he was obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Physics, he developed a passion for teaching students and communicating his knowledge and understanding directly to his class. At such an early age, he had developed great skills and a deep love for teaching, becoming one of the prominent head tutors and substitute teachers of the entire Science Department.

As a young entrepreneur, Paolo was involved hands on in the building and development of several real estate commercial properties, including a 100 rooms Two Tower Hotel and conference center, with all the services offered. He became the General Manager and Director of the Hotel overseeing more than 100 Employees and 11 Managers.  Leading by example, he taught them high ethical values, valuable skills and the superior art of serving. At the age of 29, he was named Consul of Italy, a position that he held in high esteem, which gave him the skills and vocation to serve the entire Italian community.

Paolo has taken many courses at Gold Coast since 2003, knowing very well what the needs of the students are. He is persistently committed to all his students in helping them pass the class test and the State exam so that they can have the opportunity to become the next professional realtors.

Paolo resides in Miami, Florida, with his wife Aneth and their two daughters, Daniela and Paola, who are away in college finishing their medical and cinematography degrees, respectively. While not working, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, traveling, playing the piano, singing and composing songs.