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The History of Gold Coast Schools

Gold Coast began operations in 1970 as a real estate school with a single location and has since grown into one of the country’s largest providers of classroom and distance learning in the fields of real estate, appraisal, mortgage, insurance, CAM and construction education. We now have 6 Florida campuses to serve our students, and also provide education for out of state students through our distance learning programs.

As Gold Coast has expanded over the years there has been a continuous focus on providing a superior student experience. This starts with our helpful Career Counselors who are knowledgeable and dedicated to providing students with the information that they need as well as assist with registration. Our instructors are carefully selected based upon their industry experience and presentation skills which ensures that they provide our students with the knowledge needed to be successful in their careers. We look forward to helping you with your career. Feel free to contact our Career Counselors for more information about our programs at 1-800-732-9140.

We look forward to speaking with you about your career!

Gold Coast History Timeline

1970 Founded:

In 1970 Gold Coast School of Real Estate began as a single location real estate school whose main purpose was to educate and license new real estate agents and brokers.

1979 Success Academy was Founded:

The Success Academy School of Real Estate, founded by Larry Greer, opened in Boca Raton.  It’s goal was to help create more successful real estate students.

1985 Success Academy merged with Gold Coast:

The Success Academy acquired Gold Coast, creating South Florida’s premier real estate school, with locations in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale.

1986 Gold Coast Expands Locations:

Gold Coast quickly expanded its South Florida presence by adding locations in both South Miami and North Miami.  Gold Coast also began expanding its courses offerings to include the mortgage broker course.

1989 Gold Coast Opens West Palm Beach:

Gold Coast Expands into West Palm region and is currently located in Lantana.

1990’s New Programs Are Added:

Throughout the 90’s Gold Coast concentrated on expanding its courses to serve students in a broad range of industries including construction, insurance, appraisal and community association management.

2000’s Gold Coast Continued Growth Including Spanish Courses:

Gold Coast continues to grow by expanding into new facilities, offering new courses, branching into new license categories and presenting many courses in Spanish.

2008 – Present Exclusive Content and Growth of Online Courses:

Through pioneering online education and self publishing exclusive content, Gold Coast is now serving students nationwide and throughout the world.

2019 Gold Coast Opens in Orlando:

Gold Coast has now expanded into the Orlando area with our new state of the art location. Gold Coast now has 6 locations throughout Florida.