Student Referral Program

Recommend Gold Coast Schools and Earn FREE Courses!


Step 1: Refer a friend to Gold Coast Schools for a Pre-Licensing Course

Step 2: Have your friend provide us with your Full Name or Student ID#

Step 3: Once your friend completes their course you will receive one referral credit voucher via email


Referral Credit Redemption:

1 Credit:

1 Free Real Estate CE (Classroom, Livestream, Online, Correspondence)

2 Credits:

1 Free Contractor CE 14hr/16-hr (Correspondence) or;
1 Free CAM CE (Classroom, Livestream, Online)

3 Credits:

1 Free Real Estate Sales Associate 45-hr Post-License (Classroom, Livestream, Online)

4 Credits:

1 Free CAM Pre-license (Classroom, Online, Livestream) or;

1 Free Real Estate Broker 60-hr Post-License (Classroom, Livestream, Online)

6 Credits:

1 Free Real Estate Sales Associate Pre-license Essentials (Classroom, Online, Livestream)

7 Credits:

1 Free Real Estate Broker Pre-license Essentials (Classroom, Online, Livestream)

10 Credits:

1 Free Contractor Exam-Prep (Classroom, Livestream, Excludes State Textbooks)


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