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We are a large property management company based in Clearwater serving all of the Tampa Bay area, as well as a strong presence in SWFL (Lee/Collier). We are expanding rapidly and are looking for dedicated professionals who are looking to advance their career.


The Portfolio Association Manager (the Manager) and the Onsite Property Managers shall be a licensed community association manager (LCAM) in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida. The Manager is responsible for: the day-to-day operations of his/her assigned association(s) and serving as an advisor to the needs of the community to include the board members, officers, and members of the community as outlined within the contractual agreement and job duties set forth in this document.


Florida Community Association Manager License (LCAM)

Professional Aptitude

Demonstrates a constant disposition of positivity, humility, compassion, and strong moral character.
Always and without exception present to internal and external clients with enthusiasm the company’s values, position, policies, and procedures as your own. In other words, own all that you do and never pass responsibility to those below, besides, and above you.
Capacity to understand and act within the interest of the company always.
Creates loyalty to the company.
Ability to complete job duties through adversity and implement decisions which are not reactive.
Ability to demonstrate patience and a calm demeanor when handling stressful situations and individuals.
Ability to treat others with respect.
Property Management

Ability to manage the assigned association(s) within Condominium Associates book of business.
Develops and maintains strong professional relationships with Board members that are company centric.
Understands Condominium Associates contractual agreements with our clients and the expected services.
Ability to discern when to advise our clients to utilize the Association Attorney for interpreting documents when the documents are not clear and concise and, at the client’s direction, when to involve Attorney in matters in which legal counsel will be needed.
Acquire and maintain a full working knowledge of all applicable State and Federal Regulation pertaining to common interest communities and of the governing documents of each assigned Association.
Anticipate needs of the association to lead, develop, implement, and measure a strategic plan. This may include, but not limited to, long range planning models, phased maintenance plans, and long-term budgets
Fiscal Management

Ability to comprehend and analyze monthly financial reporting.
Able to prepare an annual operating budget and facilitate approval and adoption.
Ability to facilitate financial reporting requirements such as: Review/Compilation/Audit, Tax Return Preparation, and Year-End Financial Statements to Owners.
Demonstrates a high level of attention to detail and an unwavering principal to the value of any amount.
Identify, track, grow, and report association’s additional services that result in additional billing.

Possesses a strong understanding of the core business, values, ethics, and morals of Condominium Associates and can articulate to existing and potential clients.
Ability to genuinely influence others by identifying common causes/interests and earning trust.
Possesses assertiveness and confidence when representing Condominium Associates with existing and potential clients.
Understands the “business partner” relationship and how to articulate to our existing and potential clients.
Ability to respond immediately to internal and external clients through written, verbal, and in person correspondence. Possess the ability to discern the type of response needed in any given situation.
Understands that proactive communication, “before they ask”, is essential in decreasing the severity of any potential issue.


Supervisory: (Please note that this section may be specific to the type of property you are assigned.)

1. Responsible for training, coaching, supervising and developing all on-site personnel.

2. Conduct staff meetings as needed to inform employees of policies, procedures or scheduled events.

3. Evaluate job performance of employees no less than annually and recommend compensation adjustments to the Board. Provide Regional Director and Human Resources a copy of the job performances for the personnel file.

4. Approve employee’s vacation request ensuring the association has adequate coverage.

5. Provide payroll timesheets to the designated payroll person in the corporate office for all employees on Thursday of each pay week. (The date payroll is due may change due to holidays.)

6. Conduct regularly scheduled site inspections with maintenance staff.

Administrative, Operations, and Fiscal: (Include, but not limited to)

1. Produce accurate weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to include year-end financial reporting requirements.

2. Work with Operations department to ensure the mailing of meeting notices is in accordance with Florida Statutes and the Association’s governing documents.

3. Produce Weekly Reports to the Board of Directors and/or Committees, regarding status and any outstanding items that may require Board direction or action to be taken. Reports will be uploaded through the company’s electronic portal.

4. Maintain the Association webpage so that all information on the webpage is current.

5. Respond to unit owner inquiries and assist unit owners as deemed appropriate in a professional and timely manner. If necessary and when needed, escalated issue to the Regional Director.

6. Furnish the association with valid copies of worker’s compensation, liability insurance coverage, and executed written contract, proof of permit, if necessary, for any contractor prior to engaging it to perform work for any property managed by the management company. Request insurance summary from Insurance Agent and provide to Board.

7. Document all matters involved with the placement and renewal of insurance as authorized by the Board. Submits claims to the insurance companies when necessary.

8. Document contract summary and notify association of upcoming contract renewals and assist the board in contract negotiations.

9. Document upkeep of residential files and association records, legal documents, property deeds, construction plans, member rosters, contracts, annual reports, meeting minutes, and all other relevant records.

10. Review, approve, and code all invoices for payment by the management company’s accounting department.

11. Ensure that associations “info sheet” and that current information is uploaded to the webpage and ensure that association records are maintained on the server.

12. Coordinate legal matters with the Association’s attorney as authorized by the Board.

13. Maintain association office to include proper organization of files and records and proper operation of office equipment. Approve all purchases of office and maintenance supplies if applicable.

14. Attend all management company training classes, meetings and seminars as requested.

Skills and Ability Requirements:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Ability to write professional internal and external emails
Ability to multitask and manage priorities in an efficient and accurate manner.
Strong task and time management.
Problem recognition and problem-solving abilities.
Strong initiative and self-management abilities.
Ability to think critically and make independent decisions based on sound judgment.
Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications. Specifically, proficient in Excel to create:
Utilizing formulas including across multiple worksheets
Correlating large amounts of data into a Pivot Table
Creating visual graphs to display data.

The Association Manager reports directly to the assigned Regional Director/VP.

The Association Manager may or may not have direct reports. The responsibility of having direct reports are based on the Association Manager’s property assignments. Possible direct reports may include, but not limited to, maintenance staff and administrative staff.


The Association Manager is deemed to have performed the requirements, responsibilities, and duties of the position satisfactorily when the following standards are met or exceeded:

1. Retention rate of 100%

2. Weekly Reports are submitted on all properties every week by Friday end of business day.

3. Budget Variance, Violations, and Work Order reporting to be included once a month on the Weekly Report

4. Maintain association website with accurate information and updates on a monthly basis.

5. Develop and execute Management Plan and Calendar of Management Duties

6. Participate in weekly meetings with your Regional Director.

7. Produce a Management Plan and Annual Calendar to include daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annual tasks to fulfill the operations of the association in accordance with the contractual obligations to be shared and agreed upon with the association.

*Please note that specific performance measures may not be specified until properties and/or association managers are assigned. Once the Association Manager’s assignments are completed the performance measurements will be determined at the company’s discretion.

The measures of performance will be reviewed monthly, quarterly and annually. At the company’s discretion, additional performance measures may be instituted at any time. Any additional performance measures will be reviewed with the employee prior to implementing.



1. This position will work in an office setting 50% and in the field 50% or as needed.

2. Ability to work a minimum of 40 hours a week which may include evenings and weekends. There are two 10-minute breaks and one 30-minute lunch break per 8-hour shift.

3. Ability to travel as needed.

4. 24/7 on call and back up support including weekends

5. Ability to respond to emergencies in a timely manner.

Physical Demands of the Position

The physical demands of the position are listed in accordance with the requirements of the ADA as:

1. Body Position: Standing – 1/3 of the time

Walking – 1/3 of the time

Sitting – 1/3 of the time

2. Body Movements: Lifting and exerting force is required up to 50 pounds.

3. Senses: Vision – Close Vision and ability to Adjust Focus. Hearing – Ability to hear sufficiently to converse in person and on the phone.

4. The mechanical requirements of this position include the use and operation of office equipment and machines, including computers and printers. The ability to perceive spatial relationships is a very minor requirement.

Job Type: Full-time

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