Multifamily Investment Specialist

Summary of responsibilities:

>Multifamily Investment Sales
>Providing superior level of expertise at fine tuning investment strategies, analyzing investment scenarios, marketing and selling properties and locating multifamily investment opportunities for my clients
>Providing advisory services to clients so that they may preserve and grow their wealth concerning real estate investments
>In-depth and comprehensive understanding of the South Florida market to provide the very best options for clients to capitalize in today’s high paced environment
>With in-depth market understanding, along with the firms cutting edge technology platform; consistently demonstrating that we put our investors in positions to take advantage of opportunities within the marketplace
>Providing Asset Analysis and Opinion of Value
>Conducting Property Operations Analysis to identify opportunities to increase income and lower costs
>Reviewing of physical and economic property characteristics to propose revenue generating strategies and identified cost savings opportunities such as management fees, insurance costs etc.
>Advising on Specific Asset Buy-Sell Portfolio Strategy
>Reviewing Development and Redevelopment Feasibility Studies

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