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Referral Program:

Joining the Gold Coast Schools referral program gives you the opportunity to provide the students you refer to Gold Coast Schools a discount on their pre-licensing tuition. Upon the students’ course completion you will receive a referral certificate that can be used for free courses.

Once enrolled you will be provided your own personal web page for you to distribute to potential licensees. This personal web page will automatically apply your discount and send you a referral certificate once the student completes their course.

In addition, you will gain access to recruiting opportunities including our online job board and career fairs.


Job Postings:

Gold Coast offers a free job posting page where you can quickly and easily submit an ad for open positions within your company. This is a free service that we offer companies who are looking to hire our graduates.


Career Fairs:

Gold Coast School’s host career fairs at our campus locations throughout the year. These events are $200 to attend for companies and $400 for vendors. Career Fair invitations are sent out to referring companies one quarter at a time and spaces are reserved on a first come first served basis. Companies that have referred a student for a pre-license course within twelve months will receive the quarterly email invitations. These companies will receive a one week preferred registration period. Once the preferred registration period expires we will open up any remaining spaces to the general public.