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Joining the Gold Coast Schools referral program gives you the opportunity to provide the students you refer to Gold Coast Schools a discount on their pre-licensing tuition. Please complete the form below to enroll.

Once enrolled you will be provided your own personal web page for you to distribute to potential licensees. This personal web page will automatically apply the discount and send you a referral certificate once the student completes their course.  Your referral certificates can be collected and used towards free courses.  In addition, you will gain access to recruiting opportunities including our online job board and career fairs.

Redeeming Credits Options:

1 Credit Real Estate CE (Classroom or Correspondence)
8 Hours Insurance CE (Classroom Only)
2 Credits MLO CE (Classroom or Correspondence)
Contractor CE (Classroom Only)
20 Hours CAM CE (Classroom or Correspondence)
3 Credits Real Estate Sales Associate 45 Hour Post-license Course (Classroom & Online)
Life & Health 60 Hour Pre-license Course (Classroom & Online)
4 Credits CAM Pre-license Course FS
MLO Pre-license Course FS (Classroom Only)
5 Credits Real Estate Broker 60 Hour Post-license Course (Classroom Only)
Real Estate Sales Associate Pre-license Course (Classroom Only)
Real Estate Broker Pre-license Course (Classroom Only)
10 Credits Property & Casualty Pre-license 200 Hour Course
Contractor Exam-Prep Program (Excludes State Textbooks)



Company Referral Onboarding

This form is used for new companies that are interested in joining Gold Coast's referral program.