Florida Real Estate Mutual Recognition Exam Prep Course

Florida Real Estate Mutual Recognition Exam Prep Course:

The state of Florida has mutual recognition agreements with Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Rhode Island.  This means that if you hold a real estate sales associate or broker license in any of those states, you can obtain an equivalent Florida real estate license upon submitting a state application and passing a 40 question law exam specific to Florida.

This online prep course is designed to fully prepare you to pass the required law portion of the Florida real estate exam and obtain your Florida real estate license through mutual recognition.

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This online review course was specifically designed to help you prepare for the 40-question Florida Mutual Recognition Law Exam. This course consists of three parts.

  1. Online self-study of law chapters 1-7 with the following features:
    • Video overviews of each chapter. Use the chapter videos to get an overview of the important topics in each chapter to help you guide your study.
    • Self-assessment. Small progress check quizzes are included in each chapter to help you assess your knowledge of the topics. Your top scores for each progress check quiz are listed on the main menu dashboard.
    • Main menu dashboard. Each chapter has a main menu dashboard to see the topics covered and your progress in each section. Click the section topic numbers to see what’s covered in each section. You can return to the main menu at any time to begin a new topic or review a topic you want to study further. If you leave the chapter, your progress in the chapter will be automatically saved for when you return.
    • Easy access to the law text. Look for the purple law buttons and resource links to let you view the actual F.S. and F.A.C. text for many review topics.
      Mutual Recognition
    • You are in control. This interactive online material has open navigation. You can view and study as much or as little as you want, skipping over topics you know well and focusing on topics and laws that you might need to study more.
    • Printable chapter .pdf files. The Resource Links for each chapter contain a .pdf file of the chapter text. You can print this file to highlight or use for additional study reference.
  2. Online Review Quizzes for each chapter
    • Test yourself! Each chapter is followed by a comprehensive multiple choice quiz covering many important topics in the chapter. Take the quiz and submit it for immediate scoring to identify any areas where you might need further study. You can retake quizzes as often as you want.
    • Rationale and reference included. Upon scoring your quiz, an explanation and chapter reference is provided for each incorrectly answered question to help you understand the correct answer choice and locate the material for further study.
    • Save your quiz and return later. You can save your quiz answers and return later to finish and submit for scoring.
  3. Randomized law review questions
    • Additional randomized practice questions. To further test your readiness for the state law exam, you can create additional law-topic quizzes with randomly selected questions from a law topic question pool containing over 250 additional questions.