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Prepare to Pass The Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Exam!

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This online exam prep package will fully prepare you for all aspects of the sales associate exam utilizing more than 1,200 professionally written questions based on the type of questions found on the state exam. Your tuition is valid for a 12 month period allowing you plenty of time to prepare to ace your exam!


  • A State Exam Simulator
    • Allows you to take true sample tests just like you will face on the actual state exam.
  • Additional Topic Based Online Practice Questions
    • Randomly selected practice questions from a pool of more than 1,200 professionally written questions designed to test your knowledge and readiness.
  • Digital Flashcards
    • These interactive flashcards are also accessible from your desktop, tablet, and smart phone.


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Real Estate Sales Associate Exam Prep Package


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Individual Exam Prep Options:

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State Exam Simulator & Additional Practice Questions


Simulate taking the actual state licensing exam! Each exam in this simulator will be a timed, 100 question exam, just like you will face when taking the actual state exam. You will receive a new set of questions from a pool of over 1,200 professionally written questions based on years of experience and feedback from previous students. You will be provided with your score along with a detailed report of incorrect answers upon completion. Any incorrect answers will be accompanied by rationale and math solutions that explain the correct answer so that you gain a better understanding of the concept. In addition, you will have practice question bank that can be selected by topic, and focus on real estate law, principles & practices, or math. References and rationale for each question are provided to explain the correct answer in further detail.

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Digital Flashcards


These are great for students who want to study content from a specific chapter.

These interactive flashcards are also accessible through your desktop, tablet and smart phone. Test your knowledge with this proven study technique and review key topics in each chapter. Choose the chapter from the list of decks and begin! You can set aside flashcards for further review on weak topics providing you with a study tool that works with your specific needs.

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