How To Become A Real Estate Broker In Florida

Are you curious about how to become a real estate broker in Florida?

Congratulations on taking the initiative to upgrade your real estate license. By learning how to become a real estate broker in Florida, you will be one step closer to more career opportunities and a higher income potential. We’ll outline the Florida real estate broker requirements so you can get started with your license upgrade today. 

Before we discuss the details, it’s important to note that to become a broker in FL, you need to have been an active sales associate for at least 24 months within the past five years – either working with a broker or an approved government agency. 

Can you fulfill this experience requirement? If so, complete your first step in becoming a broker – enrolling in Florida real estate broker courses. 

How to Get a Broker License in Florida

You’ve already done the work to become licensed as a salesperson in Florida. The good news is that the broker licensing process is similar to what you have already experienced. To get your broker’s license, you must take a class and pass a background check and exam. Then, you’ll be able to oversee salespeople in the Sunshine State.

Step 1: Pass the 72-hour pre-licensing course.

You’ll have the benefit of industry experience when you enroll in real estate school to become a broker. However, broker courses cover these familiar subjects in-depth to prepare you to oversee other real estate agent’s transactions. You’ll need a 70% in the course to continue with the licensing process. 

Some real estate schools offer live, livestreaming, or at-your-own-pace online courses, so you can choose the best instructional method to match your learning style and schedule. 

It’s worth noting that those with a four-year degree in real estate may skip this portion of the licensing process. Submit an original college transcript with your broker application, and you’ll be on your way! 

Step 2: Submit your broker application to the state.

It’s recommended that you submit your application and fingerprints to the state once you register for your class. Access your account with The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Check out these instructions for submitting your application. 

The broker license fee is currently $91.75. 

Step 3: Get fingerprinted for your background check.

Electronic fingerprinting is a part of the broker application process and should be completed as soon as possible. The easiest way to complete this process is to make an appointment with your real estate broker school. 

Step 4: Pass the Florida broker exam.

Applicants upgrading from sales associate to broker are required to take a 100-question, 3 ½ hour state exam. Candidates can take the exam at an in-person testing center or a location of their choice while being monitored online. You must have the required IDs and documentation to take the exam. 

The Florida broker exam covers the following content areas: 

  • Real Estate Brokerage Business (43%) 
  • Valuing Real Property (9%) 
  • Listing and Selling Real Property (6%) 
  • Contracts (11%) 
  • Financing (4%) 
  • Closing Transactions (12%) 
  • Federal Income Tax Laws (5%) 
  • Investment (4%) 
  • Zoning and Planning (1%) 
  • Environmental Issues (1%) 
  • Property Management (1%) 
  • The Real Estate Market (3%) 

You must pass the test with a score of at least 75%. For more information about the broker exam, review this helpful Candidate Information Booklet.   

It’s worth noting that Florida has mutual recognition agreements with Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Rhode Island. If you are an active broker from one of these states, you may be able to take a shortened version of the broker exam. Please visit the Division of Real Estate website for more information.

Step 5: Complete post-license training.

Florida requires new brokers to complete 60 hours of post-license training before their first renewal deadline. You must complete this training to keep your license in active status. 

FAQs About Florida Real Estate Broker Requirements

Becoming a real estate broker takes considerable effort. However, all the brokers in your office have completed the process, and you can, too! Here are a few questions that may be at the top of your mind as you consider upgrading your salesperson license. 

How long does it take to become a real estate broker in Florida?

Once you have the required experience levels, becoming a real estate broker in Florida should only take three or four months. The longer you think about it, the more time it will take. Enroll in your broker course today! 

How hard is the Florida broker exam? 

The current pass rates for the Florida broker exam aren’t available. But you know from taking the salesperson exam that you will need to study to pass the broker test. 

Look for a real estate school that offers excellent state-specific exam prep materials and classes. The more you review the material with a Florida real estate expert, the more likely you will pass the exam on the first try. 

How much is a broker license in Florida? 

Expect to pay between $1,200 and $1,500 to get your Florida broker license. Here’s how the costs break down: 

  • Broker license fee: $91.75 
  • Broker exam: $36.75 
  • Fingerprinting fee: $83 
  • Broker pre-licensing course: $500-$800 
  • Broker post-licensing course: $500 

Some real estate schools may be less expensive than others. However, when choosing a school, pick one with a reputation for providing quality instruction and excellent exam prep materials. You also want to choose a school that will be with you for the long haul – one that offers the required post-licensing course and helpful continuing education options.  

Next Steps

Once you’ve earned your broker license and completed your required post-license course, you’ll need to complete 14 hours of approved continuing education every two years before your license expiration date, which is located on your license. 

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