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Activate your license with Park Place as soon as you get it. That way you can start the clock to get your broker’s license as you would need to be active with a company for at least 2 years. Being active with us will fulfill this requirement that you can also add to time with another company. Ex. 6 months at Park Place + 1 year 6 months at Broker B = 2 years fulfilled to get your Florida broker’s license.

While you are active with us, you can now wait to decide on which full-time company you are wanting to go with vs having to rush to decide, or even learn how to shadow a top local agent. We’re a real estate referral company, agents come and go with us as there are no $1,200++ annual Realtor/MLS fees. Any referrals that you do place while you are with us, we can pay you your fee up to 365 days after you leave us vs the majority of companies that keep any commissions as soon as you leave. You can get more information on why we are one of the largest real estate companies in the United States on our website

Free practice exam questions for the state exam at

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