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Support, Training & Resources EVERYTHING you need to build a successful business.
Are you questioning the next steps to take in your real estate career? Let us help. We can show you how to keep you business going and how to adapt to the changing market. Jonathan Solomon Realty is here for you. We have been training agents for a long time, and we are good at it!
What Can WE Offer YOU?:
Excellent Commission Split
Zero Hidden Fees
Full Broker Support
Transaction Management Tools
You can register entirely online and start working today with our online system.
Register Completely Online:
No worries. With our Referral Program, you don’t have to be a member of a Realtor association and you can still keep your license active. You don’t need to keep your license inactive or lose your license completely
This is a perfect opportunity for professionals or recent graduates who are looking for a challenging, rewarding, and fast-growing real estate career. Register online for our Referral Program:

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