How to Become a Certified Building Inspector in Florida

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Did you know that the average building inspector makes approximately $60,000 per year Building inspectors are in high demand and in short supply, so now is the perfect time to pursue this career path. The job is fairly intricate and requires , but with a trusted education partner like  at your side, you can build a successful and rewarding career. Here are the steps for how to become a certified building inspector in Florida.

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Step 1: Meet the Basic Requirements

To take the examination for an inspector or plans examiner license, you must be at least 18 years of age and be of good moral character. You must also comply with one of the following eligibility requirements set by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (there are some additional options not listed here, but these requirements are the most common):

  • Demonstrate a total of four (4) years of experience in construction or a related field, building code inspection, or plan review in your desired certification category as per 468.609(2)(c)(1), F.S.
  • Demonstrate a combination of postsecondary education in the field of construction with hands-on experience amounting to three (3) years, with at least one (1) year of that experience in construction, building code inspection, or plan review, as per 468.609(2)(c)(2), F.S.
  • Demonstrate a combination of technical education in the field of construction or a related area and practical experience of three (3) years, of which at least one (1) year involves construction, building code inspection, or plan review as per 468.609(2)(c)(3), F.S.


Step 2: Apply with the Florida Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board (BCAIB)to Sit for Your Required Exams

To sit for the required exams for your Florida Building Inspector license, you must first apply with the BCAIB to get approval to sit for the tests. Visit the BCAIB website for a full list of experience requirements and . Once you obtain approval and are issued the Candidate ID number, you can schedule your exams with Pearson VUE and International Code Council (ICC).

Step 3: Pass Your Approved State Licensing Exams

The Florida Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board (BCAIB) requires commercial building inspectors to become licensed by passing two exams to become an Inspector and a third exam to become a Plans Examiner.

You must pass all parts of the Standard Building Inspector and Plans Examiners state licensing exams:

  • Part 1: Principles and Practices of Florida Law (Florida-specific exam)
    • 50 questions
    • 5 hours to complete
    • 70% or higher to pass
  • Part 2: ICC Technical Code for Standard Building Inspectors (based on the ICC building codes) and Building Plans Examiner (if you want to be a plans reviewer)
    • 80 questions
    • 5 hours to complete
    • 75% or higher to pass (scores are based on a sliding scale)

The exams cover topics like Florida laws and rules, Accessibility and Energy Conservation code topics, International Building Code (IBC) knowledge, and knowledge of concrete and associated building materials.

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Step 4: Pass a Background Check

The Florida application for licensure as a Building Inspector asks a series of criminal history questions which are cross checked and verified. This is done as part of the licensing process to verify that applicants have an acceptable background to meet the basic qualifications for licensure.

Step 5: Submit Your Application

Once you have met the above requirements and passed all required exams, you can apply for your license with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). As soon as your license is issued, you can begin your career as a building inspector in the state of Florida.

As a licensed building inspector in the State of Florida, you can anticipate a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. Recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the annual median compensation is approximately $60,000 for individuals in this profession within Florida. This represents an average, and actual earnings can vary depending on experience, level of education, and the specific sector of employment. Inspectors engaged within architectural, engineering, and associated service sectors typically command higher salaries compared to those serving in local government roles.

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