How to Become a Licensed Pool Service Contractor in Florida

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If you have been following along in our blog series covering all the various contractor license categories then you have already heard us remind you that Florida is the Sunshine State for a reason.  As a result, nearly everyone has a swimming pool either at their residence, or in their community.  Who do you think keeps all these pools looking great and running properly?  You guessed it…more often than not one of the thousands of pool servicing contractors who are cashing in on the high demand. 


The facts are simple.  Swimming pools need constant attention and often the equipment needs serviced or replaced.  The more pools that exist, the more work there is.  Hence the huge demand for licensed professionals to keep up with it all.      


Do I need a pool contractors license to service a pool in Florida?

The answer is almost always yes, but there are some exceptions.  If you are simply servicing chemicals, sweeping, brushing, and cleaning the existing filter, then you do not need a license.  However, the real money in the pool service industry exists in the repair and replacement of the equipment.  


If you need a screwdriver or if it involves electricity, you need a license.  This is where becoming a licensed pool service contractor is critical to the growth of your business.   


Types of work a pool service contractor can perform:

A licensed pool service contractor can perform the routine maintenance of the pool’s chemicals and any necessary cleaning, as well as repair and replace parts of the existing system with comparable components.  What does that mean?  It means that a pool service contractor can refinish an existing pool, but cannot put in a pool where one doesn’t already exist.  It also means that a licensed pool service contractor can replace a 1hp pool pump with another 1hp pump, but cannot reconfigure the entire mechanical aspect of the pool system to utilize different equipment. 


While there are things you can’t do with the pool service contractor license, there is a ton that you can.  Remember, a complete remodel of an existing pool and the surrounding deck does fall within the scope of work of a pool service contractor.  So, if maintenance and remodeling sounds attractive, become a pool service contractor.  The license process is easier than becoming a commercial or residential pool builder, and there is a huge market demand for these services here in Florida.  


Pool Service Contractor license requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Have good moral character. (A criminal incident in the past does not prevent you from getting a license so long as you have had your civil rights restored, all debts to society paid, no pending or current liens such as IRS, and have no pending or ongoing criminal litigation).
  • Credit worthy. (Applicants will be subject to a credit report on both the applicant and the business with a preferred FICO score of a 660 or above. )
    • If you do not meet the 660 FICO score, you CAN still get your license by posting a licensing bond.
      • Bond amounts vary based on whether the applicant is a Division I or Division II contractor, however this amount can be reduced by 50% upon taking a board-approved financial responsibility course.
  • Four years of proven construction experience. (FAR 61G4-15.001)
    • You do not have to have the necessary experience before you take the exam.
      • The test scores are valid for 4 years meaning you have 4 years to gain the required experience after passing the state exam.
        • For Swimming Pool/Spa Contractors, you must have been a foreman or supervisor that was involved in all aspects of construction, repair, water treatment and servicing of commercial/residential pools.
    • Note: 3 years of any accredited college credits can be used in place of construction experience regardless of the subject matter/courses.  This would reduce your field experience requirement down to just 1 year if you have a college degree.



Florida construction school for swimming pool contractors

Gold Coast School of Construction offers all the education you need to fully prepare for your swimming pool contractors license.  If you have any questions about the courses or books provided to help you prepare, contact a helpful career counselor at 1-800-732-9140 or visit the course information page.  You will quickly see why at Gold Coast, “The Proof is in the Passing!