How to Get a Florida Roofing Contractors License

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Become a licensed roofer today!

Roofing contractors are in high demand across Florida.  With the number of residential and commercial buildings across the state, new roofing as well as roofing repair companies have a huge opportunity to build extremely viable businesses.  Whether you are looking to run a small residential roofing operation, or you want to tackle large scale projects, you must have the proper roofing license in order to legally do so.


In this article we will breakdown and simplify what it takes to become a licensed roofing contractor in the state of Florida.


Commercial Roofing vs Residential Roofing

There are many differences between commercial and residential roofing structures.  It is not only a difference in materials, but also of the overall design and engineering that is involved in the roofing structure.


Commercial roofs tend to be much larger in order to span buildings, warehouses, or joined office spaces.  However, it is not just the size that makes commercial roofs differ from residential.  Often commercial roofs are nearly flat and are far less decorative than most residential roofs. While flat in nature, the design principles of pitching and curbs needed to encourage water runoff still apply. Materials for commercial roofing structures may include metal, asphalt, or ply membranes to prevent water intrusion.


Residential roofs have the same overall purpose as a commercial roof, but residential roofing designs can vary significantly.  Residential roofs often combine style and functionality to produce an aesthetically appealing, structurally sound, and watertight solution for homes.  A typical plywood, bonded water barrier membrane, and then a shingle, tile, or metal top layer are common core components of a residential roof.


When it comes to function, the building code dictates the standards by which the critical components of the roof must adhere to.  Cities and HOAs often dictate the style, colors, and sometimes even materials used for the cosmetic aspect of tiles, shingles, or sheet metal to produce a consistent look and feel between homes and condos.

Florida Roofing License Requirements!

Florida roofing contractors are regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) as well as the Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB).  Together, these institutions ensure that roofing contractors meet the required business licensing, experience requirements, and ongoing education to stay up to date on the latest code changes and building standards.

In order to obtain a state certified roofing contractors license an applicant must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have good moral character. (A criminal incident in the past does not prevent you from getting a license so long as you have had your civil rights restored, all debts to society paid, no pending or current liens such as IRS, and have no pending or ongoing criminal litigation).
  • Credit worthy. (Applicants will be subject to a credit report on both the applicant and the business with a preferred FICO score of a 660 or above. )
    • If you do not meet the 660 FICO score, you CAN still get your license by posting a licensing bond.
      • Bond amounts vary based on whether the applicant is a Division I or Division II contractor, however this amount can be reduced by 50% upon taking a board-approved financial responsibility course.
  • Four years of qualifying construction experience. (FAR 61G4-15.001)
    • You do not have to have the necessary experience before you take the exam.
      • The test scores are valid for 4 years meaning you have 4 years to gain the required experience after passing the state exam.
    • Note: 3 years of any accredited college credits can be used in place of construction experience regardless of the subject matter/courses.

Important note about experience:

Experience does not have to be gained in Florida or even the USA so long as it can be verified and notarized by a State Certified Florida Licensed Roofing Contractor with an equal to or higher certification.

Florida Construction School for Roofing

While there isn’t an education requirement that must be met before an applicant can take the roofing licensing exam, it is highly recommended that even those with experience in the field take an exam prep course.  There is a huge difference between having the field experience to repair and replace roofing structures, and understanding the nitty-gritty details associated with the trade knowledge and business and finance questions that are found on the licensing exam.


Gold Coast School of Construction will fully prepare you to pass the roofing licensing exam and obtain your roofing contractors license.  You can learn more information about how the Gold Coast curriculum works by visiting the course information page, or by contacting a helpful career counselor at 1-800-732-9140.  You will quickly learn why Florida contractors trust Gold Coast Schools, where “The Proof is in the Passing!