How To Renew My Florida Contractors License

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Florida Contractor License Renewal Requirements

In the State of Florida, all contractors are required to complete continuing education (CE) in order to renew their license(s).  Continuing education requirements will vary based on the license(s) that you hold.

Most state certified contractors are required to complete 14 hours of approved continuing education every two years.  The education requirements are often specific to the license/licensing board, and also vary based on whether you hold a state certified, or simply a county contractor license.

County contractor license renewal requirements can be specific to each county.  If you hold a county contractor license, it is important for you to contact the local regulatory board to understand the requirements and renewal deadlines.  

Below you will find links that will provide specific CE requirement information for the various license types. 

State Certified Contractor Continuing Education:

County Continuing Education:

Ways to complete Florida contractor continuing education:

Classroom courses:  Gold Coast Schools offers classroom based continuing education for most license types.  Classroom continuing education allows you to meet your license renewal requirement by simply attending 2 days of instructor-led sessions at any of our Florida campus locations.  There is no exam at the end of the course.  Credit will be given for attending, and your hours will be reported to the licensing board on your behalf.  

Online courses:  Gold Coast School of Construction also offers online continuing education courses that allow you to complete your required CE at your own pace.  Simply purchase the CE package that is applicable to your license(s), complete the included courses, and your hours will be reported to the board(s).  It is always recommended that you start your online continuing education well in advance of your renewal deadline to guarantee completion and the reporting of your hours is done on time.

Correspondence Book:   A fairly new method for renewing your license is through a correspondence textbook.  Gold Coast currently offers a 14-hour CILB correspondence book which enables state certified General, Building, and Residential contractors to renew their license(s) by reading and answering the questions in a book that is mailed out during renewal years.  Note: Dade County contractors will need an additional 2 hours to meet the mandatory 16 hours of CE.


Gold Coast School of Construction strives to make it easy to renew your license.  If you have any questions, please contact our helpful Career Counselors at 1-800-732-9140.  We are happy to show you why at Gold Coast, “The Proof is in the Passing!