Gold Coast School’s NEXT Step Real Estate Course

Gold Coast Schools “NEXT Step” course was developed as FREE real estate course designed to help anyone in Florida who is considering getting a Florida real estate license and starting a new career.  This course is 100% focused on providing students with valuable information, and is not a sales pitch or an upsell opportunity for the school.  Gold Coast offers this course to graduates who are just getting started in the industry, but also welcomes anyone from the public who wants to attend at no charge.

When it comes to providing a real overview of what the Florida real estate industry is, how you can be successful, and the things that you need to do in order to reach your goals, Gold Coast instructor Tim Haines is as informative and inspiring as it gets.  With more than 30 years of successful real estate broker experience, he goes beyond what you will learn in a textbook and focuses on what you need to know to start making money in real estate.

Topics include:

  • How to decide what real estate company to work for
  • Real estate specialties including rentals
  • Interview tips and questions to ask a broker
  • Employment relationships
  • How to establish realistic goals and plans for your career
  • How to become a real estate entrepreneur and run your real estate business
  • Business budgeting & time management tips you should follow
  • Prospecting, marketing, and accountability

Learn more about this course in the following video:

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Gold Coast offers this course once a month with a schedule that rotates between all 5 South Florida locations.  For a complete schedule of upcoming classes, visit the Gold Coast website or call a helpful Career Counselor at 1-800-732-9140.