How to Verify a Florida Real Estate License Renewal Date

It is crucial for Florida real estate sales associates (“agents”) and brokers to know when their license needs to be renewed by.  Florida license renewal deadlines are March 31st and September 30th, and agents must renew prior to these dates once every two years based upon when they were licensed.  While the state and several education providers will send license renewal notices, it is important to keep track of these dates so that they are not missed.

The expiration date is printed on the hardcopy of the license provided to sales associates and brokers.  If a copy of this license is not available, the license can be verified as follows:

  1. Visit the DBPR Website
  2. Click on the “Verify a License” link at the top of the page.
  3. Select a search criteria of either “By Name” or “By License Number” and click search
  4. Fill out the applicable search fields and click search again
  5. View results

If the search produces multiple results, as is often the case with common names, it is important to find the correct record by referencing the mailing address, license type, and license number.  Once the correct record is selected, the license status and expiration date will be displayed in the far right column.

If the license status is active, it will remain active until the expiration date shown.  In order to maintain an active status, all license renewal requirements must be fulfilled before that date.  Keep in mind that the new expiration date of a license will not update until within 60 days of the current expiration date regardless of when the renewal education was completed and fees were paid.

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