Work From Home as a Florida Real Estate Agent

A career in Florida real estate takes a strong desire to succeed, perseverance, and a strong work ethic.  Real estate is a career that offers flexibility and unlimited earning potential.  That said, a real estate career also requires discipline and determination.

Working from home is a reason that many people cite for becoming a Florida real estate sales associate.  Contacting customers, working on phone calls, and printing materials while preparing for appointments are not activities that require attendance at a real estate office.  If you are working from home, be sure that you meet any local requirements such as having a business license or insurance.  Licensees must always follow Florida law and make sure that they are not practicing outside the scope of permitted activities for Florida real estate sales associates.

While working at home has its advantages, it can also be a little less structured, which may require a little more discipline and planning on the part of the licensee.  If working at home, we highly recommend that a licensee dedicate private space, free of distractions for doing business.  Customers don’t want to hear barking dogs or crying children on phone calls.  Simple things like dedicated desk space and fast internet connections will make working from home much more pleasant.

Wherever you choose to work, we always recommend that new real estate licensees establish a strong business plan, and follow the plan.  The opposite danger with working at home is that work can never end, resulting in a loss of family time.  By firmly establishing boundaries and plans in the beginning, real estate sales associates working from home will have much longer and more pleasant careers.

When starting a career in real estate, Gold Coast recommends taking the Next Step class.   This free class is offered monthly and helps new licensees focus on doing the things necessary to become successful, while eliminating or deferring the non-productive things that tend to consume a lot of time but don’t produce much in the way of results.

Gold Coast is Florida’s largest real estate school, in business since 1970.  Gold Coast offers all required Florida real estate pre-license, post-license, and continuing education courses for both sales associates and brokers.  In addition to courses in English, Gold Coast offers most real estate courses in Spanish, and online in both English and Spanish.