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Kevin R. Milner, MBA, CIC, ITP
Insurance Program Director
Gold Coast School of Insurance

The Florida Department of Financial Services had created a new form of agent licensing to be used by licensed agents that are not appointed with any insurer. (This does not apply to limited lines agents).

The name of this election is “Unaffiliated Insurance Agent”

The Unaffiliated Insurance Agent (UIA or UA), is a licensed insurance agent who is self-appointed. The agent acts as an independent consultant in the business of analyzing or abstracting insurance policies, providing insurance advice or counseling, or the making of specific recommendations or comparisons of insurance products, for a fee established in advance, by written contract signed by the all parties involved.

The UA is prohibited from being affiliated with an insurer, insurer-appointed insurance agent, or insurance agency. In short, an Unaffiliated Insurance Agent must be on independent and not working for, or appointed by, another insurance entity; hence they are called unaffiliated insurance agents.

Agents may continue to receive commissions on sales made before the date of appointment as an unaffiliated insurance agent, so long as the agent discloses the receipt of commissions to the client when making recommendations or evaluating products of the entity from which commissions are received.

An unaffiliated insurance agent may not:

  • Hold any appointment from an insurer for any license they hold.
  • Transact, solicit or service an insurance contract on behalf of an insurer.
  • Interfere with the commissions received by an insurer-appointed agent.
  • Receive any compensation or any other thing of value from an insurer, appointed agent, or agency.

This Unaffiliated Insurance Agent appointment election is only available towards one (1) license. If you have both a 2-15 and 2-20 license, you may only self-appoint as a UIA for one of the authorities. In order to make this election, licensees should visit their MyProfile page on the Department website. The fee to self-appoint is currently $60 (subject to change).

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