CAM Pre-license and Continuing Education Requirements Update

Effective August 15th, 2019, the education requirements for obtaining and renewing a Florida CAM license have changed. The change reduces the overall number of hours needed to get or renew a Florida CAM license.

New pre-license requirement:

Anyone pursuing a CAM license in the state of Florida must now complete 15 hours of approved pre-license education. This is a reduction from the previous 18-hour requirement.

CAM Pre-License Course Details

New continuing education requirement:

CAM licensees have a reduction in the number of required hours needed to renew their licenses every two years. CAM licensees must now complete 18 hours of continuing education in the approved categories. This is down from the previous 20-hour continuing education requirement.

CAM Continuing Education Course Details

To learn more about getting or renewing your Florida CAM license, contact our helpful career counselors at 1-800-732-9140. We are happy to assist.