How Difficult Is it to Get a Real Estate License in Florida? 

how difficult is it to get a real estate license

How difficult is it to get a real estate license in Florida? Most reports say the first-time pass rate for the Florida real estate exam hovers between 40% and 60%. While these numbers may not sound encouraging, the proper focus and attitude – and an excellent real estate school – will help you prepare for this difficult exam. 

Here are some challenges people face when working on their real estate license in Florida and tips on overcoming them. We’ll also discuss the difficulty level of classes and exams.



Key Takeaways:

  • Florida requires a 75% passing score.
  • Real estate classes cover complex topics like law and regulations, but with focus, quality materials, and a positive attitude, success is achievable.
  • Consider approved schools with good reviews and flexible learning options, offering exam review sessions, prep materials, and long-term access to course materials.



4 Challenges Individuals Face When Working on Their Real Estate License 

What are the biggest challenges people face when working on their real estate licenses? You might be surprised! (It’s not that the material is too complicated, or the test is unpassable.) 

Let’s dive into the most common challenges one by one so you can confidently prepare for your new real estate career. 

1. Choosing the right real estate school.  

Here are some tips on how to choose a real estate school: 

  • Ensure the school is approved by your state’s licensing department. 
  • Read verified customer reviews. 
  • Ask the advice of agents in your area. 
  • Choose a school that offers instructor-led exam review and tutoring sessions. 
  • Find a school that provides exam prep materials. 
  • Find a school that offers flexible learning options. 
  • Verify that the school gives you long-term access to course materials. 

Don’t choose a real estate school like you would select a pizza place for your son’s soccer team. When picking a real estate education provider, there are more critical things to consider than price. Instead, look for a school that offers both value and quality.  

Finally, ensure the school is dedicated to the industry and offers other resources for growing your career, such as continuing education options and advanced training. If you choose the right real estate school, some of the other challenges ahead of you will disappear.  

2. Making time for your coursework. 

 Most people begin the real estate pre-licensing process while working another job. We know that your workload and family responsibilities may make it difficult to make time for your coursework. But real estate school lasts for months – not years.  

Here are some strategies to help you stay focused long enough to complete your pre-licensing coursework. 

  • Add “real estate school” to your daily schedule. Make that time sacred. 
  • Remove any obstructions that would keep you from concentrating.  
  • Consider a focusing app that will keep you on task during your studying time. 
  • Clear your schedule of unnecessary events until you pass your real estate exam. 

You can get through Florida’s pre-licensing coursework in less than a month! (Did you know that one school offers a one-week in-person pre-licensing course?)  

3. Preparing for the exam. 

Dedicate a specific amount of time each day to study for your real estate exam. Make a study schedule to ensure you get through all the required material before test day.

  • Remember that you can take the exam as many times as necessary.  
  • Quality pre-license coursework and test prep material will help you pass the exam the first time you take it. 
  • Use flashcards to help you memorize real estate vocabulary, terms, and mathematical formulas. 
  • Practice completing the mathematical computations using the calculator you will use for the test.  

Test anxiety is a real thing for many people. However, the best antidote to being nervous about an exam is preparation. Preparing for your real estate licensing exam will take focus and determination. Here are some tips to help you pass.

 4. Finding the right broker. 

 All beginning real estate agents must have someone with more experience oversee their work. In Florida, that more experienced agent is called a broker.  

Talk with several brokerages in your area before signing on with one. Ask about commission splits and training programs. Choose a brokerage with a good reputation in your area. 

Pro Tip: Consider selecting a real estate school that offers career fairs as a service to their students.  

How Difficult is the License Coursework? 

Your real estate classes won’t be a walk in the park. They will undoubtedly cover complex topics like real estate law and regulations. However, you can learn anything with quality education materials, laser focus, and a positive mindset.  

Don’t look at the course as something you need to “get through” to become a real estate agent. Instead, envision how this knowledge will help you serve future clients. They will look to you for expert advice, so make sure you know enough to help them make the right decisions regarding their real estate choices. 

How Difficult is the Real Estate Exam? 

Florida requires applicants to achieve 75% or higher to pass the real estate exam. While you might find many online discussions lamenting the difficulty of passing the exam, remember that all of the real estate agents currently working in the state were able to complete this milestone.  You can, too! Gold Coast Schools can help! 

Gold Coast Schools offers high-quality pre-licensing coursework and exam prep materials to help you become a real estate salesperson in Florida. We offer in-person, livestreaming, and online classes. Amazingly, Gold Coast has a pre-licensing course that covers all the required material in one week. Start the Florida licensing process today by signing up for real estate classes.