Gold Coast Schools Reviews

Gold Coast Schools receives thousands of reviews from previous students and we are thrilled to say that the vast majority are all extremely positive.

We encourage students to do research on any school before enrolling.  After all, the first step towards a successful career is to choose the right education.

Online reviews from past students can be found on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and several other unbiased review channels.  Whether you are doing research, wanting information, or are ready to enroll in a course, our helpful Career Counselors are just a phone call away.  We can be reached at 1-800-732-9140.

Here is an example of one student’s success story following the completion of her real estate course:

Dear Gold Coast Schools,

I wanted to share a sincere thank you to Ricardo Mejia for contributing to my success in passing the state exam upon completing the Sales Associate course, followed by the 45-hour Post-license class.  Ricardo was an important part of me being successful! Ricardo delivered great information needed to learn the class material and this was why I was able to apply what I learned to pass. 

Before I registered for the Real Estate Sale Associate course at Gold Coast, I thought that it was just opening a house door and saying to the clients, “here is the living room, the bedrooms, and so on,” just like TV. Never did I think how intense the course was and how I needed to apply myself to study hard to start my career.

After passing the Pre-License course I immediately went to the Cram course over the weekend.  Using the textbook and the highlights from class to help with my studies in the areas that I felt I didn’t understand, and for rereading the chapters, my studying greatly paid off.

So I wanted to express a BIG THANK YOU to Gold Coast Schools Management, my class instructor (Ricardo Mejia), and the Gold Coast staff, as I would not have been able to successfully complete the courses, exams and started this wonderful career without you!!

Best Regards,

Maria Isabella H.

For more information about any of our courses, visit us online or contact our helpful Career Counselors at 1-800-732-9140.

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